Read Our FAQs

Read Our FAQs

It’s impossible to know how much it will cost to fix your bike without a professional assessment. Every bike at Toronto Bike Repair (and Pickup) gets a full, in-depth assessment to identify all of the problems with your bike and a cost estimate to repair it.

Every package includes a basic tune up at the very least, which is listed in detail in our service description when you book an appointment. If our mechanics believe that your bike requires additional parts or services, we will call you and explain the additional service requirements for you to either accept or deny.

Pickup and drop-off services will require a minimum of one week to collect your bike, perform the repairs needed, and deliver it back to you. Usually, your bike will be dropped off on the same date and time frame of the following week as it was picked up.

All of our pickup packages allow for add-on items which include racks, fenders, lights, baskets, etc…. add-on items will then be added to your cart. If there are any accessories that you want that are not listed on our website, feel free to contact us through our contact page with your name, order number, and items you wish to add on, or let us know during the post-assessment video/phone call. Additional charges can be paid upon drop-off.

When you cash out, please leave any special requests on our contact page with your order number and name. You can also communicate any requests that you may have during the post-assessment video/phone call. We will try our best to accommodate your needs or discuss potential alternatives.

Example: New saddle, raise or replace handle bars, replace grips, buy a lock, change tires, etc...

Additional charges may apply.

When you select a "Pick Up Date" from the drop-down menu on our product pages, we provide a list of days of the week which we service the "Pick Up Area" selected. If the Pick up dates provided say "Tuesday" or "Wednesday", this means that we only service that area on those days of the week. Choose a day of the week provided that works best with your schedule. We will confirm your pickup in advance when we contact you following your order. 

If you live slightly (or) outside of our "Pick Up Parameters", which are specified on our booking pages, please get in contact with us through our Contact Page and allow us 1-2 days to respond and hopefully we can accommodate. When you email us, please provide your address, postal code, and personal phone number so we can contact you and determine whether or not we can accommodate your request. If you are having any trouble contacting us, please call us at +1 (647) 800-9090.

Once you have selected a Pick-up Area, you have the option of choosing one of four packages. In the product description of each pick-up area, you will see the heading "Pickup Services Breakdown", which is where each package is broken down in detail. If you have any further questions please get in touch with us through our Contact Page, or call us at +1 (647) 800-9090 during our open hours.