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All About Toronto Bike Repair Pickup

All About  Toronto Bike Repair Pickup

Since 2014, Toronto Bike Repair has been servicing the Bloorcourt Village area with respect, fair pricing, and high-quality bike repair. Too often have we seen our customers breaking their backs, trying to get their bikes in their car, or trekking on the subway to get to the shop. This realization was what spawned Toronto Bike Repair Pickup. We want to alleviate the pains associated with getting your bike fixed if you don’t live nearby.

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Convenient Bike Repair Services

Convenient Bike Repair Services

Currently, we service the Richmond Hill, Thornhill, and North York areas and hope to expand our catchment soon. We want to deliver the quality of service that our reputation is built on to new communities and neighborhoods in the GTA. What started as a small bike shop in Downtown Toronto has become a reputable organization with a mobile pickup and drop-off unit. 

For further information, feel free to get in touch with us.

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